Words of Wisdom

Motivational and Informational Statements to Help with Personal Growth and Maturity. 

29 January 2017

I believed that life had limitations until I saw a one legged man in a Kickboxing class. That's when I realized that every negative reason I thought I had was just an excuse.

                       By Dennis Allen,

                       Personal Trainer - Chicago, Illinois

30 January 2017

Words are pointless if they are just spoken ... and are not the blueprint to action. Action is fruitless if is not geared towards a specific goal. A goal is a benefit when it benefits and not when it only costs.. Sometimes the cost can't be determined until the goal is reached. If you abandon the process then the journey is doomed...

                       By Dennis Allen,

                       Personal Trainer - Chicago, Illinois

02 June 2017

Everyone gets discouraged sometimes. It is only natural. However, you must remember that this race is not a sprint. It is a Marathon! Hang in there and your reward will be there at the finish line!

                       By Lisa Barnes,

                       FabFitFolks.com - Atlanta, Georgia

05 June 2017

Your body(barring injury) can do anything, if you don't allow your mind to stifle it. Think STRONG and you will do STRONG and be STRONG.

                       By Lisa Barnes,

                        FabFitFolks.com - Atlanta, Georgia


10 July 2017

Be exhaustingly persistent and live with the attitude that the moment you give up might be the moment your opportunity was going to present itself.

                      By Nicole Lyons,

                        Female Drag Racer and Car Builder 


19 July 2017

Keep the power of visualization in mind, when you have a goal you want to accomplish! Your Mind is strong and is the true helper of your body's accomplishments!

                      By Lisa Barnes

                       FabFitFolks.com - Atlanta, Georgia


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