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Fabulously Fit-Blogs

For All You Fabulous People, Information to Aid in Improving Your Physical, Mental,  Financial and Spiritual Fitness 


30 January 2017



 Fabulously Fit Folks

Hello, my fit divas and divos. Welcome to Fabulously Fit Folks. The site of health and wellness, where we concentrate on the whole you. We are all about how you are fabulous. That is our motto, slogan, catch phrase, idiom, rallying cry, tag line; and we intend to honor it in every way possible!

Here on the Triple “F” blog we want to share information, goals, ideas, protocols, successes and failures with each other. In this manner we hope to grow together with all of you as we strive to achieve the best physical, mental and spiritual health of our lives. This is not a one way street where we put out information and expect you to take it as gospel. We want your input into how to make all of us together, as fabulous people, into the best fitness experts for our own bodies and souls.

There is no one formula or way of things that will work for everyone. However, do not think we will allow the fact that something does not work for you to be a crutch. When we say “crutch” please do not take it to mean that we do not understand that sometimes a crutch is needed as a temporary support to until one can get over or accommodate for an infirmity. What we will not allow is you, in all of your fabulousness, using an infirmity, as a long term or permanent, and/or inappropriate justification for not working on being your best every day.

Contemporaneously, let us work together, en masse, to provide appropriate support to our fellow sisters and brothers in health. We will be encouraging at all times, admonishing when needed, and instructional for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Do not think us to be impractical in our desires. We totally get that it is extremely rare to find anyone who is happy, encouraging, selfless, generous, sweet, kind, gentle, sugar, spice and everything nice at all times. However, one can always seek to do more good than harm when communicating with others. We ask that when you participate in our discussion boards that you think about how your message will affect the individual to whom you are communicating. Ask yourself the following questions: Will this be edifying to this person? How can I say this better? Am I trying to help or hinder this person with my message? How do I feel today and how will this mood affect my post?

So now that the prelims are done let us get to work on our FABULOUSLY FIT selves. So together we can be all about how we are fabulous.

Lisa L. Barnes

Founder and Editor in Chief